My work and aesthetic are derived from my daily landscape. Discovered color stories and familiar objects are broken down, interwoven and simplified into wearable pieces.

Little X Brooch

Pink Diamond Drops

Transition Brooch

Golden Door Drops

Layered Shapes Ring

Quad Ruby Studs

Alexandrite Hex Ring

Spinel Studded Plus Ring

Depth Plus Studs

Pink Mirror Drops

Ruby Studded Curve Pendant

Bisected Plus & Labradorite Pendant

Layered Shapes Ring

Spinel Studded Double Hex Ring

Hallmark Drop Studs

Triple Link Studs

Pointed Drips Brooch

Cloud Biscuit Studs

Column Stack Earrings

Loose Hallmark Studs

Soft Plus & Moonstone Drops

Rutilated Quartz Stacks

Double Transition Necklace

Hashtag Studs