I work playfully and intuitively with color and form. Bright colors. Clean lines. Using cold connections, I work with wood, fabrics, plastics, and common and industrial products that I can manipulate quickly, sketching with materials and shapes until they become a composition. I use metal more often for support in form or structure, giving aesthetic value to my altered materials.

March, Steel, flannel, lentils

Wooden Shards, Cherry, pine, rope, brass brads

Plexiglass Studies, Copper, acrylic, plexiglass, latex

Building Blocks, Wood, milk paint, copper

Lucent Pome, Copper, acrylic, paint, latex, paint

Black Cloud, PVC, silver, paint, acrylic

CloudPVC, silver, paint, acrylic

Clustered Nuggets and Straws, PVC, silver, rope

Light Gray Cloud, PVC, silver, acrylic

Dark Gray CloudPVC, silver, paint, acrylic

New Spoons, Altered spoons, czs

Friendship Bracelet Brooches, Aluminum, plastic, rubber